Top Things You Should Know In Your First Tennis Lesson 

Do you know a person who wants to take tennis lessons, but you don’t know much about tennis yourself too? Even if you’ve known people who played tennis before or they have a background in the sport, many people still have questions about the techniques and fundamentals a person is learning in their first tennis lesson including you. Knowing some of the basics in tennis before you start playing the sport is important, so tennis lessons Delco put together a list of things you should know in your first tennis lesson.  First Tennis Lesson

1. The Proper Stance 

If we will notice, there is no one proper stance in playing tennis. The pace of the tennis game demands constant adjustments on a player’s side, and footwork is one of the priorities to focus on. If you watch any professional tennis game, you will see that the player hit groundstrokes using various stances, and this is one clue for every player who wants to start playing tennis and also those who like to get better. But here are the four common stances used in tennis. They are the closed, squared, semi-open and open stance. The modern approach in teaching tennis lessons to beginners is a semi-open or open stance, but if you have a coach who has a lot of experience and have learned the traditional methods, they may choose to teach you a closed or squared stance to start with. You can take Roger Federer as an example in hitting the ball in any stance. This gives you a better idea but with many lessons ahead of you, surely you’ll learn and play tennis better. 

2. The Path of Swing 

One of the common mistakes you’ll see in a player who does not have a proper tennis lesson or proper background is an incorrect path of swing on their groundstrokes. You might see players hitting down the ball or not following them correctly. But any tennis coach will teach beginners the basics in swinging: hit low to high and finish the stroke across the shoulder. You may also notice some advanced player’s end their strokes closer to their hip or above their head which is another aspect of modern tennis.  

3. Varied Grips 

Varied grips are similar to the stance in tennis because there is no proper or right way to hold a tennis racket. But players usually have four basic single-handed  tumbling the bitcoins grips which are continental grip, eastern forehand grip, semi-western forehand grip, and full western forehand grip.  

4. How to Serve 

Tennis players who learned how to hit a great serve take years for them to master. For beginners, the tennis coach may likely to spend some time over continental grip, the proper motion and tossing of the ball before hitting a single ball. This includes the fundamentals of one of the two service motions: Pete Sampras’ motion or Andy Roddick’s motion. The two service motions are very different from each other, yet are both incredibly powerful to do so. Roddick’s motion may be easier for beginners to learn because it requires fewer steps, but young players can eventually master either motion. 

We hope that this simple guide helps you. Good luck with your future tennis games.

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